Your mouth is the gateway to your body - what are you letting in?

Bristle analyzes your saliva to measure your oral health status - including your risk factors for cavities, gum disease, and bad breath - then provides personalized insights to optimize and maintain your oral health.

Receive a comprehensive breakdown including abundance levels of all bacteria in your saliva, both beneficial and pathogenic (on average between 100 - 200 unique species).

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Stop ignoring and start improving your oral health

Understand your oral health status

Meet your oral microbiome - the 250+ bacteria, fungi, and viruses in your mouth - and its relation to oral health and disease.

Improve with coaching & recommendations

Get insights into risk factors affecting your oral health and recommendations to improve - including diet, hygiene, and oral care products.

Monitor progress to reduce your risk for disease

Track your progress over time to manage risk for oral disease, continually make improvements, and level up your oral health.

Say hello to your oral microbiome

Your oral health and risk for disease are related to the makeup of bacteria, fungi, and viruses that live in your mouth - collectively known as the oral microbiome.

We analyze your oral microbiome to help you understand what kinds of bacteria you have, what they do, and how you can keep the good ones while eliminating the bad.

Our science

How it works


1. Get your kit

We'll ship you everything you need to get started on improving your oral health.

2. Send in your saliva

Answer a few questions related to your oral health, then send back your sample for analysis.

3. Receive oral health insights

Access your results online; share them with your care provider to work on a plan together.

4. Improve and monitor

Receive personalized lifestyle, hygiene, and product recommendations to get you on track for better oral health.

Your mouth is trying to tell you something

You can't be healthy without oral health. Fill in the blanks with Bristle and put yourself on track to whole-body health.

Improve your oral health through personalized insights

Your Bristle box

Get your saliva collection kit in the mail (shipping is free!) then answer a few questions related to oral health risk factors.
Send your sample back in the pre-addressed mailing envelope and we'll take it from there.

Meet your oral microbiome

Get a comprehensive understanding of the 250+ microbes in your mouth that contribute to your oral health and risk for disease. Compare yourself to different populations and see how you stack up.

Your window into oral health

Get insights into your oral health status and clinical risk factors for disease - including gum disease, bad breath, and cavities.

Start your improvement plan

Your results include a personalized action plan of lifestyle, hygiene, and treatment recommendations proven to improve your oral health.

We make it easy to share with your dentist or physician so you can work together.

Monitor and optimize your oral health

Track your progress to understand how different changes impact your oral health and minimize your risk for disease.

Know what works and what doesn’t - move beyond “brushing and flossing more.”

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Oral health and cognitive decline

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What is your oral microbiome?

Brian Maurer  | 24 August 2021
We often tend to think of our teeth in mechanical terms, like a car, but our mouths are more like a coral reef.
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Oral health during pregnancy

Brian Maurer  | 5 November 2021
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