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Find & fix the root cause of oral conditions like bad breath, chronic tooth decay & gum inflammation with the world's first at-home saliva test.

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Identify and address the root cause of oral conditions

Oral health is rooted in your oral microbiome. Our at-home test measures 700+ bacteria, fungi and viruses in your saliva to detect issues early before they become problems.  

Chronic bad breath

Inflamed gums

Oral thrush

Burning mouth syndrome

Gum recession

Weird tastes

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Root-cause testing

Idenitfy the bacteria that drive cavities, gum disease, bad breath and more from a single saliva sample.

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Review your results, discuss your challenges & stay accountable with a certified oral hygiene coach.

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A custom product, hygiene and diet plan to eliminate disruptive bacteria and improve oral health.

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  • Chronic bad breath has been bane of my life for years and I've had no idea why! Bristle was the first test to identify what was causing it and give me actionable steps I can take to fix it. The coaching session was incredibly helpful for answering my questions and tailoring my care plan to my needs.


  • When I took my second Bristle test six months later, my jaw dropped. I haven’t had to have any work done at the dentist since I started down this new path, just cleanings! It’s unbelievable!! I honestly can’t thank Bristle enough.


  • It was extremely easy to send in the sample and I received my results quickly. My coach reviewed my results in detail with me, offering up her suggestions as we went and choosing items that fit within my lifestyle. I’m so happy to have stumbled across Bristle and can’t recommend it enough to others!


  • Bristle goes that extra step to provide actionable advice that will help you improve your oral health. You don’t want to just know what’s causing you to develop cavities or tooth decay. You want to know exactly what you can do to turn that around, and Bristle provides that, and more, for you.


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Good health starts with a healthy mouth

The oral microbiome is the complex ecosystem of bacteria, fungi, and more that lives inside your mouth. Some keep our teeth and gums healthy, while others cause damage and cause conditions like bad breath, tooth decay and gum disease.

The latest research has also linked the oral microbiome to conditions like heart disease, Alzheimer’s and diabetes. 

Your oral microbiome is the foundation of your oral health. We help you identify and eliminate the harmful bacteria in your mouth to improve your oral and overall health.

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Developed in collaboration with leading dentists

Dr. Mark Burhenne

Functional Dentist & Founder of

“If you make one investment in your health this entire year, let this be it. The mouth is the gateway to your body and oral bacteria have been associated with a higher risk for systemic conditions including Alzheimer’s, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and poor pregnancy outcomes.

You can’t be healthy without a healthy mouth. And what you don’t measure, you cannot manage.”

  • Dr. Mark Burhenne, DDS

    Functional Dentist | Founder of

  • Dr. Jonathan Levine, DDS

    Prosthodontist, NYU Professor | Founder of GLO Science

  • Dr. Eric Pulver
    Oral Surgeon | Chief Dental Officer at Denti.Ai

  • Dr. Roshan Parikh, DDS

    General Dentist | President & CEO at Dntl Bar

The #1 Oral Health Test

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Measure the levels of good & bad bacteria in your mouth. Identify the root-cause of conditions including bad breath, gum inflammation & tooth decay early on. Backed by leading dentists.

🦠 2x Oral Health Tests: get your oral health baseline & identify the root cause of conditions

👅 2x 1:1 Coaching Sessions: review your results with your personal hygienist 

🦷 Personalized diet, hygiene & product care plan based on your results

📈 Measure your improvement with your second test in 3-4 months

📲 Ongoing support through in-app oral health coaches

🪥 Exclusive discounts on oral care products

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The Reset Program

Tackling a chronic oral health issue? Always need extra work like filings or deep cleanings in the dentist chair? Take control of your oral health & rebalance your oral microbiome with a comprehensive personalized program.

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