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"Our understanding of the importance of pathogenic microbes to oral health is important because the three main oral diseases—dental caries, periodontitis, and oropharyngeal cancer—begin with an underlying microbial dependence."

Vice Admiral Vivek H. Murthy, MD, MBA
U.S. Surgeon General

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How does Bristle Health work?

We analyze the oral microbiome to provide you with insights into oral health.

1. Saliva collection

Collect patient saliva samples in-office & send them back to our lab with the prepaid envelope.

2. Biome analysis

We identify and measure 700+ good and bad bacteria related to oral health and disease.

3. Results & care

You get root-cause insights into the oral microbiome and all of the information you need to guide care.

See what you've been missing

Stop just treating symptoms and start managing health

Root-cause ID

Get a complete breakdown of good and bad microbes driving oral health & disease.

Systemic links

Understand the mouth-body connection & how the oral microbiome influences systemic risk.

Guided care

Optimize care through precision guidance with in-office & at-home protocols.

Who should you test?

Attract new patients, optimize care & improve outcomes

Functional dentistry at your fingertips

Get oral and overall health root-cause insights. Measure risk for conditions. All from a single saliva sample.

Periodontal disease


Beneficial bacteria

Nitric oxide

Digestive health

  • As a biological dentist, Bristle has significantly enhanced our diagnostic capabilities, providing valuable insights beyond traditional assessments. My patients appreciate the detailed information, and I'm consistently impressed by the efficiency of the Bristle process and their excellent customer support. I highly recommend Bristle for any dental practice seeking to elevate patient care.

    Sharon Dickerson, DDS

  • Bristle is the future of oral health care. With a simple noninvasive saliva test, we can assess patients' periodontal and caries risk rather than just waiting for bone loss and decay. Why wait for a heart attack or stroke to treat cardiovascular diseases if you see elevated biomarkers in blood tests? The same should be true in the future for dental care.

    Jen Chiang, DDS

  • The Bristle test has shifted my treatment mindset from "kill mode" to "build and balance mode." Customizing patient treatment at a microbial level is the future of comprehensive dental care. Patients are becoming increasingly aware of the oral systemic connection and having a clear picture of their risk for disease helps us collaborate to create a pathway to health.

    Monica, RDH

  • It's like unlocking a key to a puzzle. The data is easy to understand an allows us to take a deep dive into the underlying root cause of issues that have confounded us in the past. Everything makes sense. Anyone who cares about their health and connecting the dots to the oral systemic connection needs to have the Bristle test done.

    Janet, RDH

  • No other salivary test is as comprehensive as Bristle. It allows me to share a broad view of positive and negative factors and dive deep when I need to. Detecting all microbes, including candida, is important for me to share with patients. I love that the report is provided to our office and to the patient. It has been very helpful to share with our patient's referring providers.

    Shannon, DDS and Janice, RDH

Functional dentists & hygienists love Bristle Health. Here's why.

Read about how offices are transforming the care they provide through oral microbiome testing.

Best-in-class technology so you can provide best-in-class care

Detects good and bad bacteria, fungi & viruses

Insight into multiple oral health conditions

Oral & systemic biomarkers

Patient & provider friendly reports

Tailored in-office & at-home recommendations

Personalized care plans based on results

OralDNA / HR5


Focused on antibiotics

Developed in collaboration with dental leaders

Dr. Mark Burhenne

Functional Dentist & Founder of Askthedentist.com

"The mouth is the gateway to your body and oral bacteria have been associated with a higher risk for systemic conditions including Alzheimer’s, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and poor pregnancy outcomes. You can’t be healthy without a healthy mouth. And what you don’t measure, you cannot manage.”

  • Dr. Mark Burhenne, DDS

    Functional Dentist | Founder of AsktheDentist.com

  • Kriston Reisnour RDH, BSDH, CCSH, CSOM, FAAOSH
    Dental Hygienist & Integrative Health Specialist

  • Dr. Jonathan Levine, DDS

    Prosthodontist, NYU Professor | Founder of GLO Science

  • Dr. Eric Pulver
    Oral Surgeon | Chief Dental Officer at Denti.Ai

  • Dr. Roshan Parikh, DDS

    General Dentist | President & CEO at Dntl Bar

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A patient with good oral hygiene and a healthy lifestyle faced recurring periodontal abscesses of unknown cause, alongside bleeding during cleanings and excessive interdental plaque.

Jen Chiang, DDS, used Bristle Health testing to identify the root-cause and restore this patient's oral health.

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