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Actionable customized care plan Actionable customized care plan
Quick, painless test Quick, painless test
Personalized, non-biased recommendations Personalized, non-biased recommendations
Easy-to-interpret results Easy-to-interpret results

Bristle Oral Health Test

Bristle Oral Health Test

Test, understand & improve your oral health with our at-home oral microbiome test. Discover your mouth's unique microbes and the specific products, diet, and hygiene your mouth needs. 

Dentist Backed Dentist Backed
CLIA Certified US-based lab CLIA Certified US-based lab
Identify the root cause of conditions:
Chronic bad breath
Inflamed gums
Tongue coating
Tooth decay
Gum recession
Weird tastes
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97% of users report finding a root cause solution after working with Bristle.

Most Bristle users see significant change within 30 days.

  • Solve your current issue

    State-of-the-art testing to get to the root cause of frustrating issues.
    “After decades of frustration with bad breath, Bristle helped me get to the root cause.”
    Bristle User October 2022
  • Get personalized solutions

    Easy-to-action care plans with diet, product, & supplement recommendations.
    “Fit into my lifestyle and the recommended products made a huge difference on day one!”
    Verified Bristle User
  • Manage your overall health

    Good health starts with a healthy mouth.
    “I found Bristle trying to fix some recurring gut issues, my digestive and oral health are better then ever."
    Verified Bristle User
How does The Oral Health Test work?
Step 1
Order your test
We'll deliver it directly to you in 2-3 days
Step 2
Send your sample
Send your saliva sample to our lab in a prepaid envelope
Step 3
See your results
Get your oral health report card & action plan in two weeks
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Step 4
Get coached
Meet your personal oral health coach & start your program
Step 5
Track your progress
Measure your progress with your second test & repeat to continue improving
Find Your Match
Is The Reset Program for me?
See which one is for me
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Oral Health 101
Get to Know Your Oral Microbiome
We developed the world's first oral health test to identify and treat the root cause of oral health issues.
Comprehensive diagnostics
7 key health scores
Detailed microbe report
Clinical consultation
Private, secure, US-based lab
Share with your doctor or dentist
Oral Health 101
Developed in collaboration with leading dentists
"If you make one investment in your health this entire year,
let this be it. The mouth is the gateway to your body and oral bacteria have been associated with a higher risk for systemic conditions including Alzheimer’s, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and poor pregnancy outcomes.

You can’t be healthy without a healthy mouth. And what you don't measure, you cannot manage."

Dr. Mark Burhenne
Functional Dentist & Founder of Askthedentist.com
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Take a look at our FAQs

What does Bristle's test look for?


Bristle profiles your complete oral microbiome - the makeup of 700+ bacteria and fungi in your mouth. Our test is the most comprehensive available and identifies all microbes present in your oral microbiome. Some of these species are beneficial to our health, while others are harmful and can cause conditions like halitosis, tooth decay, gum inflammation, and more. By analyzing the identity and relative abundance of microbes in your saliva, Bristle detects the root cause of oral symptoms and connections to other chronic conditions. We also provide scientifically-backed product, diet, and lifestyle recommendations based on your unique oral microbiome.

How do I collect my sample?


Collecting your sample is super easy. You just submit a small amount of saliva in a small vial we provide and mail it back to the lab to undergo processing.

When will I receive my test?


Orders ship within 1-2 days from purchase, and shipping usually takes 3 - 5 business days for delivery. We will provide you with updates on your order by email.

How long does it take to get my results once I return my sample?


Once your sample reaches your lab, it takes 2-3 weeks to go through full analysis. We'll send emails along the way to keep you up to date on the status.

Can I share the results with my dentist or doctor?


Yes! We encourage you to share your results with your dentist and anyone else involved with your health. You can print or share your results directly from your account.

What will you do with my data?


We take your security seriously. No data is sold or kept after processing. Bristle tests are analyzed in a U.S. laboratory that is certified by CLIA standards. A CLIA certified lab must meet strict quality standards and ensure both the accuracy and validity of your results.