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A guide to oral probiotics and dental probiotics

A guide to oral probiotics and dental probiotics

Probiotics are live beneficial bacteria that provide health benefits. Typically, probiotics have been proposed to restore and improve health through modulating the microbiome. This review focuses on the use of oral probiotics (also referred to as dental probiotics) for oral health.

The 6 types of bad breath and how to treat them

Over 50M US adults experience chronic bad breath, and 90% of those cases stem from the mouth. In this article we go over each of the types of bacteria that cause bad breath, where they live, and how this data can help you solve your chronic halitosis.

Can bacteria in the oral microbiome cause IBD?

The mouth and gut interact via a pathway called the oral-gut axis, where the oral microbiome and gut microbiome are connected in a network that also involves the immune system. We summarize current research on how the oral microbiome can cause Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

How we research our recommendations

The oral health and care space today is unfortunately filled with too much noise, like junk science, anecdotal evidence ("it worked for me!") and false efficacy claims. This makes our blood boil. Read about how we curate the best & most effective products, brands & practices when we make your personalized recommendations.  

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