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Our mission is to empower our users to better understand their oral health to lead healthier and happier lives. To accomplish this we take the necessary steps to protect your personal information safely and securely.
We give you choices to control how your personal information is used, stored, or shared. We will never share your data without your consent, and will only ever do so in the name of advancing oral health research or your request. Below is more information on what personal information we use and how we protect it.

How we protect your data



We remove all personal identifiable information (like your name and e-mail) so your data can't be linked back to you without an encrypted key. We use this to pass your information to your dental provider and yourself.

Human DNA removal

Our test only looks at the bacteria in your saliva, so we take cautious steps to remove your personal genetic information from our analysis. We store any and all potential genetic information in a de-identified and encrypted database.

Opt-out anytime

You control how your data is used, stored, and shared for Bristle research purposes. You can request your data and sample be removed from your account by contacting us.

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