Understand & improve your oral health with Bristle

We created our Oral Health Test to help you understand, measure, and improve your oral health.

Our test identifies & measures the good bacteria in your saliva that contribute to better oral health - plus the ones that increase your risk for conditions including cavities, gum disease, and bad breath.
Take control of your oral health with personalized diet, hygiene, and product recommendations focused on helping your microbial heroes and eliminating the villains.

Below are real results from one of the founders of Bristle. Take a look!

Personalized product recommendations to optimize your hygiene routine

A full breakdown of your oral microbiome

Track your improvements

The Bristle Oral Health Test

We believe good health starts with a healthy mouth. The Bristle Oral Health Test shows you the levels of good and bad bacteria in your saliva, with personalized insights to optimize and maintain your oral health.

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