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Get a window into your oral health status - including your risk factors for cavities, gum disease, and bad breath - plus personalized insights to optimize and maintain your oral health.
* Bristle does not ship to NY
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Basics - $109 per test
  • 2 tests per year shipped every 6 months
  • Track your progress over time to continually optimize your oral health
  • Priority access to new features and perks
Snapshot - $119
  • One test for a snapshot of your oral health
  • Upgrade any time - we'll apply the full cost to your new plan
Bristle is for people who want to learn about their oral health and microbiome. Bristle tests are intended exclusively for wellness purposes. Bristle cannot provide you with medical or dental advice or diagnose you with any disease or condition. Any information provided by Bristle is not medical or dental advice and is not intended to replace the advice of your doctor or dentist. For regulatory reasons, our tests are not available in NY - but to all of the New Yorkers out there, we still love you. Thanks!

"Holy s*** these results are so helpful" - Vanessa

"Omg this is AMAZING!! Holy s*** these results are so helpful and broken down for people to understand complicated science in an easier manner. I know based on my family’s history what runs in our family oral health-wise and this was spot on - as well as eye opening for me to see EXACTLY (at the bacteria level) what issue is specifically with me so I can figure out better treatment going forward - much more informative and motivating than just hearing to floss more!"

"I realized just how little I knew about the importance of oral health" - Parth

"I always knew to not eat sugar and floss more. But that's not actually the way people are going to live their lives. The Bristle report helped me better understand how diet and other factors affect my oral health, and gave me actionable steps to improve it."

"Bristle helped me understand the bacteria that are driving my gum disease" - Anthony

"My family and I have had periodontal disease for a long, long time. The Bristle test helped me understand the bacteria that are driving my gum disease, and gave me actionable steps I can take to address them."

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*Available August 2021

Understand your oral health status and risk factors for disease

Get a picture of your oral health - including your risk factors for cavities, gum disease, and bad breath - then dig deeper to learn about your oral microbiome.

Receive personalized coaching and recommendations

We work with oral health experts and scientists to find the best oral care products for your mouth. We only recommend products and interventions backed by evidence.