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Bristle is the first and only comprehensive salivary test to analyze the entire oral microbiome, including all 700+ unique species of bacteria found in the mouth.

360-degree oral health insights: (Bold the first part) scores related to tooth decay, gum inflammation, halitosis, gut inflammation and beneficial bacteria.

Comprehensive oral microbiome analysis:(Bold the first part) identify and quantify *all* bacterial species in a sample (75 - 150 species on average).

Actionable care plans: (Bold the first part) personalized & prevention-focused diet, hygiene and product recommendations based on results.

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Our test vs. other salivary tests

OraRisk Caries +

MyPerioPath +

OraRisk Candida

Bristle HR5 Test OralRisk Caries MyPeriod Path OraRisk Candida
Price $99 - $119 $65 $70 $110 $55 $235
Bacteria Detected All 700+ 5 3 11 None 14
Fungi Detected
Conditions Reported 4 0 1 1 1 3
Analysis Method Shutgun Metagenomic Sequencing qPCR qPCR qPCR qPCR qPCR
Patient-Friendly Results & Education

Hear from dentists using Bristle

  • “Since adding Bristle testing to my practice and my Oral Microbiome Reset Program, I have seen tremendous results. Patients have more information and data, which can be very motivating, and we now have metrics to determine if our treatments and protocols are actually shifting things toward health and balance in their children. I am so excited to see where Oral Microbiome research is headed, and Bristle is certainly paving the way toward better patient outcomes and understanding root cause issues within our patients.”


    Dr. Staci Whitman, DDS | Pediatric Dentist

    NoPo Kids Dentistry
  • “Bristle is the future of oral health care. With a simple noninvasive saliva test, we can assess patients' periodontal and caries risk rather than just waiting for bone loss and decay. Why wait for a heart attack or stroke to treat cardiovascular diseases if you see elevated biomarkers in blood tests? The same should be true in the future for dental care.”


    Dr. Jen Chiang, DDS | General Dentist

    Jennifer Chiang DDS
  • “Most of my patients are timid when talking about bad breath. The Bristle Oral Health Test has helped patients identify the underlying issue of their symptoms and devise treatment solutions that will work best for them.”


    Dr. Chris Strandburg, DDS | General Dentist

    Vision Dental
  • “If you make one investment in your health this entire year, let this be it. The mouth is the gateway to your body and oral bacteria have been associated with a higher risk for systemic conditions including Alzheimer’s, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and poor pregnancy outcomes. You can’t be healthy without a healthy mouth. And what you don't measure, you cannot manage.”


    Dr. Mark Burhenne, DDS | General and Family Dentist

Getting Started

Follow these steps to create your account with Bristle and implement oral microbiome testing:

  • Create your account by clicking the button below - it's free to sign up.

  • Order kits at discounted pricing through your portal.

  • Register kits online before collecting a sample.

  • Collect a 0.5mL saliva sample and send it back to our lab using a prepaid envelope.

  • Receive results online in 2 weeks.

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Transform oral health through
the oral microbiome

Just like routine blood work, saliva testing is critical to understanding key risk factors for oral & overall health conditions and improving outcomes.

Differentiate and grow your practice

Be at the forefront of oral health & care by offering the most advanced test available.

Expand and personalize your care

Incorporate whole-body health insights and microbe-specific recommendations into your care.

Increase treatment acceptance

Provide objective, quantifiable data to your patients around their oral health. Build trust and get buy-in for the care they need.

How can you use Bristle?

Bristle empowers you with knowledge to level up care and drive better outcomes

Develop an oral health baseline

Get a complete picture of oral health from a single saliva sample with insights into:

• Gum inflammation

• Tooth decay

• Halitosis

• Gut dysbiosis

• Beneficial bacteria

Identify the root-cause of conditions

Identify and quantify all 700+ bacterial species in a sample to understand oral health using the most advanced sequencing technology available, shotgun metagenomics.

Develop personalized care plans

Our curated database provides a foundation you can use to design personalized diet, hygiene and product plans that complement in-office care.

Monitor and adapt over time

Monitor oral health over time with recurrent testing, measure the efficacy of treatments, and work with patients on changes to improve outcomes.

Best in class technology

  • Backed by science

    Our test was developed through research with the University of Pacific Dugoni School of Dentistry under an independent review board. Our science is backed by decades of research and over 200 scientific studies.

  • Clinical grade quality

    Testing is performed in a U.S. CLIA-certified laboratory to ensure accuracy and validity of results.

  • Accessible & effective testing

    Testing is as simple as spitting in a tube and mailing it back to our lab. Our report is patient-friendly with clear results and our pricing allows for recurrent testing to monitor over time & assess treatment efficacy.

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Good health starts with a healthy mouth

Join us in our mission to reinvent oral health: patient-first, prevention-focused and personalized.

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Dr. Roshan Ipsum

President at the dental bar

Dr. Bonnie Feldman, DDS

General Dentist and Founder of Autoimmune Connect

Dr. Jonathan Levine, DDS

Founder of GLO Science, Oral Health Expert, Social Entrepreneur

Dr. Mark Burhenne, DDS

Family Dentist and Founder of AskTheDentist.com