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We developed the world’s first and most advanced oral health test to help you easily and effectively improve your health. Learn about it 👇

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Good health starts with a healthy mouth

But the industry hasn’t been treating it that way


US annual spend on dental care

Today’s dental care is ineffective and only detects and treats existing disease, instead of preventing it.


of US Adults have some form of gum disease

Oral diseases are the most prevalent chronic condition on the planet - despite being almost entirely preventable.


average American cost dental care

This leads to expensive out-of-pocket costs and procedures, and an increased risk of chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease, and cognitive decline.

This is the way it should be


Identify the root-cause of conditions and understand your risk before they become problems


Take the guesswork out of your oral care with targeted recommendations that make an immediate impact.


Get a tailored program based on your test results & personal preference along with 1:1 coaching.

Oral health isn’t rocket science - it’s biology

Oral health isn’t rocket science - it’s biology

The oral microbiome is the collection of all the microbes that live in your mouth. Some microbes help break down food, fight off infection, and keep our teeth and gums healthy, while others cause damage to our mouths and bodies. When your oral microbiome is out of balance, it leads to conditions like bad breath, tooth decay and gum disease.

The oral microbiome also affects overall health. Oral conditions like gum disease are risk factors for conditions like cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

Making small changes to your diet, hygiene and oral products based on your unique biology helps you achieve better oral health through a balanced oral microbiome!

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Improving health through science

There are thousands of microbes associated with your oral microbiome. 

We developed the world’s first test that analyzes all of them.  

We use shotgun metagenomic sequencing to identify all of the microbes in your mouth and data from thousands of samples to provide insights into your health - all from a single saliva sample.

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Oral health takes more than brushing and flossing

Retrain your biology to improve your oral health

We go way beyond the same advice you constantly hear and take a holistic approach to improving oral health at the biological level. Your custom recommendations are researched, vetted and curated by our team.

Retrain your biology to improve your oral health
(FYI: it takes more than brushing and flossing)

We go way beyond the same advice you constantly hear and take a holistic approach to improving oral
health at the biological level... something something something

Our first step in vetting a new product or treatment is to look at the scientific literature, which usually starts at PubMed Central (PMC). This is an archive of biomedical and life science journal literature created by the National Institutes of Health and National Library of Medicine and serves as a "Google for scientific literature". For this example, let's search "nano-hydroxyapatite toothpaste" which is a toothpaste ingredient that has recently grown in popularity. We get these results.

Hear from dentists using Bristle

“Since adding Bristle testing to my practice and my Oral Microbiome Reset Program, I have seen tremendous results. Patients have more information and data, which can be very motivating, and we now have metrics to determine if our treatments and protocols are actually shifting things toward health and balance in their children. I am so excited to see where Oral Microbiome research is headed, and Bristle is certainly paving the way toward better patient outcomes and understanding root cause issues within our patients.”

Dr. Staci Whitman, DDS | Pediatric Dentist

NoPo Kids Dentistry

Real people, real improvements

Our mission is to improve oral health - and we’re doing a pretty really good job 😀

"To say that Bristle changed the course of my health for the better would be a total understatement."

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The future of Bristle is bright

Bristle continues to focus on ways to make personalized dental care more available to everyone. By prioritizing simplicity and science, we can ensure that our in-depth reporting empowers both patients and dental professionals to make better decisions for both preventative care and ongoing treatment.

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