The science of a healthy smile


Our mouths are home to trillions of bacteria, known as our oral microbiome

Most of the bacteria are good, helping us fight disease, digest food, and keep our mouths clean. Some of the bacteria are harmful, with decades of research showing they cause oral diseases like cavities and gum disease by releasing acid and other harmful byproducts.

We use genomics to measure the bacteria - good and bad - in your saliva

By looking at the DNA of the bacteria, we can tell which species are present and in what quantity. If you have higher levels of harmful bacteria you are at a higher risk for diseases like cavities and gum disease.

We make lifestyle and product recommendations to help improve your health

We've compiled research with a team of oral health experts to match you with the best advice for your unique risk profile.

What is oral health?

Oral health is more than just pearly white teeth - it recognizes oral health as an important component of overall health. We empower patients to understand their oral health to prevent diseases and reduce their need for procedural care. We believe that by tackling the root cause of oral disease - pathogenic bacteria - and the factors that lead to them, we can deliver a proactive, prevention-first standard of care.

Why is oral health important?

Our mouths play a key role in our daily lives. They let us eat, drink, breathe, sing, say “hello”, smile, laugh, and cry.

Our mouths also play an important role in our health. Individuals with oral disease face an increased risk of heart disease, diabetes, adverse pregnancy outcomes, and Alzheimer’s disease.

Where does the oral microbiome come in?

When our oral microbiome is balanced, it helps break down our food, produce vitamins, and fight off infection.

When it’s unbalanced, harmful species grow in number and cause disease. The identity and abundance of these bacteria drive the onset and severity of the disease.

Why Bristle?

Bristle comprehensively profiles the oral microbiome to identify and quantify all of the bacteria in your mouth. We can detect the buildup of disease-causing bacteria before they cause damage, and match you with the treatments and lifestyle recommendations best for you.

Our platform is tailored to each person's risk factors - including their diet, hygiene, lifestyle, medical history, and oral microbiome - and gives you actionable steps you can take to improve your health.  

We're building a new kind of oral healthcare that focuses on preventing disease instead of reactively treating it - made for you, delivered to you, and owned by you.

The Bristle Oral Health Test

We believe good health starts with a healthy mouth. The Bristle Oral Health Test shows you the levels of good and bad bacteria in your saliva, with personalized insights to optimize and maintain your oral health.

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