The Oral Health Test

Identify & measure the bacteria that cause bad breath and receive personalized recommendations and coaching to get fresher breath.

What you'll receive
  • Saliva testing kit
  • Report of your oral health and oral microbiome
  • Personalized product, diet, and lifestyle recommendations based on your results
  • One-on-one coaching with an Oral Health Specialist

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“Most of my patients are timid when talking about bad breath. The Bristle Oral Health Test has helped patients identify the underlying issue of their symptoms and devise treatment solutions that will work best for them..”

Dr. Chris Strandburg, DDS
Family Dentist & advisor for Bristle
dr chris strandburg

Bristle analyzes your oral microbiome to help you measure, understand & improve your oral health

Identify the root-cause of halitosis

Bristle identifies and measures the bacteria that cause bad-breath. The specific kinds of bacteria in your mouth help inform the best way to treat it.

Review your results with a trained hygienist

Connect with your Bristle oral health coach to review your results & get a personalized action plan!

Receive your personalized treatment plan

Get diet, hygiene and oral care product recommendations tailored to your biology and personal preferences.

Identify what's driving your symptoms

Specific bacteria in your mouth drive halitosis and more serious conditions including gum disease & gingivitis. Understanding which bacteria you have is the first step in treating it.

Get a personalized diet, hygiene & product regimen and 1:1 coaching with a trained hygienist

Factors like your diet & hygiene create an environment in your mouth that harmful bacteria thrive in. Reducing the harmful bacteria & promoting beneficial ones can help improve your oral health.

Connect with your Bristle oral health coach to review your results & get a personalized action plan!

What people are saying

Join over 1,000 people taking control of their oral health.

It was extremely easy to send in the sample and I received my results quickly. My coach reviewed my results in detail with me, offering up her suggestions as we went and choosing items that fit within my lifestyle. I’m so happy to have stumbled across Bristle and can’t recommend it enough to others!

Kara L.
Bristle Member

Bristle goes that extra step to provide actionable advice that will help you improve your oral health. You don’t want to just know what’s causing you to develop cavities or tooth decay. You want to know exactly what you can do to turn that around, and Bristle provides that, and more, for you.

Chase Stevens
Independent Reviewer

Chronic bad breath has been bane of my life for years and I've had no idea why! Bristle was the first test to identify what was causing it and give me actionable steps I can take to fix it. The coaching session was incredibly helpful for answering my questions and tailoring my care plan to my needs.

Thomas S.
Bristle Member


What does the Bristle test look for?

Bristle profiles your complete oral microbiome - the makeup of 100+ bacteria and fungi species in your mouth. Some of these species are beneficial to our health, while others are harmful and can cause conditions like halitosis, tooth decay, gum inflammation, and more. By analyzing the identity and relative abundance of bacteria in your saliva, Bristle detects the root cause of oral symptoms and connections to other chronic conditions. We also provide scientifically-backed product, diet, and lifestyle recommendations based on your unique oral microbiome.

How do I collect my sample?

Our test uses a small sample of your saliva. To provide your sample, you spit into a small tube containing a clear liquid solution that stabilizes your saliva. You mail back the tube to Bristle's laboratory using the prepaid envelope provided and results are returned online. Detailed step-by-step instructions of the sample collection process are included in each test kit and also available through your account dashboard after registering your kit.

When will I receive my test?

Orders ship within 1-2 days from purchase, and shipping usually takes 3 - 5 business days for delivery. We will provide you with updates on your order by email.

How long does it take to get my results once I return my sample?

Results will be returned to you in 2 - 3 weeks from when you mail your sample back to our lab.

Can I share the results with my dentist or doctor?

Yes! You can easily share your results from inside your dashboard. We encourage you to discuss your results with your dental or health provider (or both!).

What will you do with my data?

Data privacy is a top priority for us and we will never sell your data. We give you choices to control how your personal information is used, stored, or shared. We will never share your data without your consent, and will only ever do so at your request or in the name of advancing the research on oral health, the oral microbiome, and developing more personalized and effective treatments.