Aakash Shah, Wyndly

Aakash Shah, Wyndly

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What is Wyndly?

Wyndly fixes allergies for life with an at-home allergy test and sublingual immunotherapy allergy drops. Wyndly is an online allergy clinic whose doctors use FDA-approved medicine and convenient telehealth to make it easy to live allergy-free. If you have pollen, pet, or dust allergies, or if you're just too busy for allergy shots, see a Wyndly doctor today. Wyndly even takes insurance for allergy testing. Wyndly was founded by Aakash Shah, CEO and Manan Shah, MD, ENT and CMedO.


Hey everyone. I'm Brian. And this is  Bristle health chats. I'm really excited today because I have my friend and former YC batch mate. Aakash from Wyndly on the line. And today we're just gonna talk about his work at Wyndly and what they're doing to help people cure their allergies. So Aakash would love to hear about your background and sort of what you're doing at Wyndly.

Thanks, Brian, happy to be on Bristle Health chats. What we do at Wyndly is we fix allergies for life by sending our patients personalized medicine, which trains their immune system to beat its allergy triggers. We do this with an at home allergy test kit sublingual immune therapy, allergy drops, , and honestly the best healthcare partnership ever with text messages that go straight to your.

And we find people really love it. Yeah. I mean caveat I'm or a disclaimer, I'm a happy Wyndly user. And so you know, I, I guess one of the big questions I had had before starting use was how does it differ from the traditional techniques of using like antihistamines or, or shots or, or the other approaches I've seen people.

Absolutely an antihistamine. Really what it does is it just covers up the problem. It doesn't address the root cause of what causes your allergies. The only way to do that is immunotherapy, which is what Wyndly provides the same way. You wouldn't use a band-aid to fix a broken arm. You don't wanna use antihistamines to fix your allergies.

What immunotherapy does is it tells your immune system wait. When you see an allergy trigger, don't freak out instead, you know how to handle it. It's kind of like a vaccine for your allergies. Very cool. And what type of allergies does it work for? Absolutely. We are very focused right now on anything you breathe in pollen, pets, or dust, and there's also opportunities to get into peanut and shellfish allergies too.

As more and more research comes out and as more and more medications are approved by the. FDA. But we see that most people are just happy when they can go and hang out with their boyfriend or girlfriend's dog or cat   I know that's, that was my main goal. And, and it's achieve that. Thank you so much for, for joining Aakash.

If people wanna learn more about yourself or about Wyndly, where can they find you? Absolutely. You can come to wyndly.com W Y N D L Y .com. Or you can find me on Twitter at Aakash.io.  Check us out and we're happy to help.