Partner Spotlight: La Costa & Oceanside Dental Excellence

"We’re changing lives with Bristle Health. Oral microbiome testing allows us to pinpoint & address the root cause of oral conditions in patients who have struggled for decades. The mouth is the gateway to the body; we see that when we improve a patient’s oral health, their systemic conditions stabilize too.”

🌊 La Costa Dental Excellence in Southern California

Meet the Dankworths! Drs. Stephen, Kimberly & Piper Dankworth, along with their dental team, have provided best-in-class dental care across San Diego for over 20 years.

❤️ Treating patients, not just teeth

We believe that the forefront of dental care is the practice of Wellness Dentistry - treating oral health as a critical component of whole body health. A sickness in the mouth will inevitably affect other parts of the body in measurable ways. By incorporating factors like nutrition, sleep & exercise into our dental care we help patients improve other facets of their health. Over the years we have seen our patients’ A1C improve, blood pressure go down, cholesterol get better, IBS resolve, and Diverticulitis flare-ups stop.

Our team heavily invests in continuing education on the latest advancements in our understanding of oral health & new ways to treat disease. As members & mentors of the Kois Center, our team prioritizes a science & prevention-first model when it comes to oral health.

🦠 Preventive & personalized care through the oral microbiome

Bristle's comprehensive test identifies both beneficial and harmful bacteria and fungi, providing a complete view of a patient's oral health and enabling personalized care.

Our patients also receive access to their results. Understanding their oral health through the intuitive and educational report helps patients engage more deeply in their treatment plans.

The oral microbiome plays a crucial role in overall health. Identifying pathogens that contribute to both oral and systemic diseases allows us to develop targeted strategies for treatment. For example, periodontal disease is linked to 57 different systemic conditions. By pinpointing the underlying pathogens, we can target and eliminate them, reducing risk factors for the associated conditions.

The results have been transformative, leading to better diabetes control, lower blood pressure, improved cholesterol levels, and reduced gastrointestinal issues. These benefits highlight why salivary testing is essential and should become a standard practice. As cardiologists Bale and Doneen suggest, reducing heart attack rates begins in the dental office.

🦷 Who do we test?

New patient screening
When new patients join our office we offer testing to establish an oral microbiome baseline. This data helps us understand the patient’s oral health status, risk for conditions and informs treatment planning. We review the data from our test with the patient and discuss its implications for their health.

Perio characterization
For those diagnosed with periodontal disease, we employ testing to treat their condition more effectively and efficiently. This approach not only speeds up their recovery but also reduces the number of office visits required.

For patients experiencing a relapse

We also perform tests to pinpoint the specific issues before and after treatment to ensure the biofilm balance is optimal. This is crucial because a lack of inflammation and bleeding does not always indicate a healthy biofilm.

Pre and post treatment monitoring
We also use the test for implant cases. Screening the patient before the procedure allows us to identify & address any pathogenic bacteria present that can lead to adverse outcomes. After the procedure, we re-test to monitor the patient and get ahead of potential complications.

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