Design personalized treatment plans for your patients

Identify and monitor patients at risk for caries and periodontal disease with an at-home oral microbiome saliva test. With pathogen specific treatment recommendations, you’ll be able to personalize your patient’s treatment plan and drive patient adherence.

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Backed by science

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We use state of the art molecular techniques to analyze the oral microbiome to measure the relative abundance of each bacteria to calculate a periodontal disease risk and caries risk score.

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Actionable results

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The Bristle Oral Health Test provides patients and providers with accurate, actionable data, and personalized recommendations in a format that is easy to understand and incorporate into your treatment plan. 

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Patient experience

Engage with your patients on a deeper level - inside and outside of the clinic.

Our testing experience is simple and patient-friendly. Individuals interested in understanding their oral health use a home-based saliva collection kit to provide their saliva sample. In exchange, they receive access to oral health reports through a private and secure online account from the comfort of their homes.

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Clinical-grade technology

Our test is performed in a CAP-accredited and CLIA-certified lab using next generation sequencing methods and customized software tools.

Our quality

The quality of every sample is checked throughout the accessioning, sequencing, and interpretation process.

Our experts

Bristle's founders have a combined experience of 20+ years in the genomics industry at companies like Genentech and Illumina.

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Our research partners

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