About Bristle

What is Bristle?
Who is Bristle for?
What does Bristle's test look for?

My orders and payment

Where is Bristle available?
Is there a minimum age I have to be to use Bristle?
When will I receive my test?
Can I use my HSA/FSA for payment?
Is Bristle covered by dental or medical insurance?
Does Bristle offers refunds?

My collection kit and sample

How does sample collection work?
When is the best time to collect my saliva sample?
Is there a timeframe for when I have to return my sample?
What is the clear liquid in the sample collection tube?

My results

How long does it take to get my results once I return my sample?
What do my results tell me?
Can I share my results with my dentist or doctor?
How do you determine my results?

My privacy

How do you protect my personal information and data?
Do you sell my data?
Is Bristle HIPAA compliant?
Is Bristle CLIA compliant?