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Test your saliva to measure the bacteria that cause bad breath, cavities, and gum disease. Get 1:1 coaching and a personalized care plan to stay on top of your oral health.


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We’ll send you a kit, collect a saliva sample at home, and mail it back to our lab.

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Get your oral health report card with a breakdown of the bacteria and fungi in your mouth.

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Receive personalized diet, lifestyle, hygiene, and oral care product recommendations.

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Our oral health experts will talk you through your results and care plan.

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Track how changes you make improve your health through recurrent testing.
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Your oral health is driven by your oral microbiome

The mouth is home to the second largest microbiome in your body with trillions of microbes, some beneficial and others harmful.

Each individual has between 100 - 200 bacterial species in their mouth on average, and factors like nutrition & hygiene determine which species you have.

Most oral diseases and conditions are caused by an overabundance of harmful microbes.

Your oral microbiome impacts your overall health
Oral bacteria are associated with a range of systemic and chronic conditions including:


pregnancy outcomes





The first and only comprehensive at-home approach to measuring, improving, and monitoring your oral health through testing and care

Test your oral microbiome

Measure the 100+ beneficial and harmful oral bacteria and fungi in your mouth.

Get your oral health report card

With scores for tooth decay, gum inflammation, halitosis (bad breath), gut inflammation, and beneficial bacteria.

Optimize your routine

Receive a personalized diet, hygiene, and oral care product plan plus 1:1 coaching with a Bristle health expert.

Smile confidently

Knowing you’re keeping your teeth and mouth healthy.

Cavities and gum disease are the most common diseases on the planet - and largely preventable.

We only see a dentist a few times per year. Only 50% of US adults regularly go!

Oral disease is diagnosed based on the presence and severity of symptoms

Late-stage detection requires invasive and expensive procedures like cavity fillings and root canals

Say hello 👋 to oral health

Bristle analyzes your oral microbiome to help you understand your oral health symptoms and address their root cause.

Measure your oral health

Measure your oral bacteria and fungi

The type & abundance of species related to halitosis, tooth decay, and gum inflammation influences the severity of your symptoms and contribute to your risk for more oral health conditions. See how your oral microbiome compares to others with and without symptoms.

Identify exactly what's driving your symptoms

Get a breakdown of each species related to oral conditions, including a description how it influences your oral and overall health.

Identify what's driving your symptoms

Improve with personalized diet, hygiene, & product recommendations

Get a personalized diet, hygiene & product plan and 1:1 coaching with a trained hygienist

Based on your results, we'll create a personalized recommendation plan to reduce the levels of disease-causing species. Review your results and improvement plan with your Bristle oral health coach in your free coaching session.

Bristle Oral Health Test

Bristle Oral Health Test

Analyze the levels of good and bad bacteria in your saliva to measure, understand, and improve oral health symptoms. Free shipping & HSA/FSA accepted.

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Comprehensively identify & measure 100+ bacteria in your mouth
Understand their influence on your oral health and conditions including halitosis (bad breath), gum inflammation, and tooth decay
Get personalized diet, hygiene, and product recommendations based on your results
Access 1:1 oral health coaching with a registered hygienist
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Bristle analyzes your oral microbiome to help you measure, understand & improve your oral health